Week 5 has two main requirements: your reflection and the Mobile App Review project.

1 Augmented Reality Reflection

For this reflection you’ll be thinking about the future! (Oooooo…)

  1. Read the materials on augmented reality.
  2. Reflect upon your thoughts about augmented reality as it pertains to learning. Consider (but feel free to include more than):
    1. What has your experience with AR been?
    2. How do you feel AR is being used now (effectively or is it a novelty)? Why?
    3. What are you excited about in the future that’s related to augmented reality?
  3. At least 4 paragraphs/500 words (more than the normal requirement as per the reflection rubric).

Remember to put the content of your Slack post in the Reflection - AR dropbox.

1.1 Evaluation

This rubric1 is used in reference to reflections you’ll be posting in Slack based on the readings and class discussions. Note that the different areas are graded slightly differently (with length being clearly segmented, mechanics being all-or-nothing, and the rest being fluid). Some assignments might have specific requirements that supercede these, so pay close attention.

Criteria Score (points vary from 0-2)
Length 500 words or more
Meaning Post provides explanation, explication, and examples to develop ideas.
Focus Stays on topic (or strays when appropriate), develops a clear statement or asks a clear question, written with audience in mind.
Support Provides at least two external resources to back up statements or contrast ideas. Does not mention references without citing/linking. Proper APA citations
Mechanics No grammatical or spelling errors. Proper sentence structure. Easy to read. (2 pts., all or nothing)

2 Mobile App Review Project

2.1 Introduction

The use of mobile devices is becoming nigh ubiquitous. Last year, 90% of American adults had a cell phone and 58% had a smartphone. Nearly two thirds of cell owners describe their cell phone as “something they can’t imagine living without” (Pew Research Center, 2014). Using mobile applications in educational settings affords freedom, access, and myriad other benefits without worry of introducing a new system or device to most. However, in order to best serve our students, we should be choosing these apps thoughtfully and with care!

2.2 Steps to Completion

Your task is to search out and review a mobile application that you could use in your classroom. This could be a true application, a website with a mobile version, or some other type of mobile- or tablet-based technology. The key here is that you would use it in your classroom. Do not choose an application that you have already covered previously. (For example, if Evernote was part of your Module 3 Project, you should not choose that here.)

2.2.1 The Review Part

The items below are a template for your submission. Answer eveything in detail! “I couldn’t find that information” is not a valid excuse for blanks. If you an find the app, you can either find or produce the answers required.

Seek out and find a mobile application to review. Look at the evaluation instruments on this page. These can serve as a guide for your evaluation but they should not be taken as templates. Start testing your app. Try to exhaust its features. Your review must address the following:

  1. Basic information
    1. Cost
    2. Platforms(s)
    3. Creator(s)
    4. Where to get it
  2. What does it do?
    1. What is it designed to do?
    2. Go into detail about the key features.
  3. How do you use it?
    1. Describe the user interface.
    2. Include at least one screenshot.
    3. Describe the workflow.
  4. Describe a real-world or hypothetical scenario
    1. Summarize and link to a reputable source (if it has been used before)
    2. If you can’t find a source that describes a real-world use of the app, propose a realistic scenario.
  5. Do you recommend that educators use this app?
    1. What obstacles would they face?
    2. What challenges would students face as users?
    3. How else might an educator try to accomplish what the app does?
    4. In your opinion, does the app offer real advantages?
    5. Do these advantages outweigh the costs and challenges?

Your review should address at least all the items listed above, include at least three screenshots, and be written to the specifications in the rubric below.

2.2.2 Submission

Submit a well-formatted post or link to a Google Document to the #etcv411-modules channel in Slack and to the Module 5 Project D2L dropbox by the due-date in D2L.

2.3 Evaluation

Gateway requirements: every item in #3 above is included and three screenshots.

Note: you may receive 0 points in any category below for simply not addressing it.

2.3.1 Rubric

1 point 3 points 5 points
Organization Organization is less than clear, or organization is clear but with some digressions. Clear organization, but strays slightly. Clear organization that walks the reader through the entry, and does not stray off topic.
Formatting Format is visually unappealing or haphazard. Formatting is obviously attempted but may be broken or ineffective in places. Post is formatted well both visually and spatially. It is enjoyable to look at.
Coverage of Content Post is missing two of the topics listed above in Tasks. Post is missing one of the topics listed above in Tasks. Post includes all topics listed above in Tasks.
Clarity of Writing Writing or clarity leaves something to be desired. Is possibly confusing or incomplete. Writing is clear. Proper punctuation and grammar are used, but the meaning is sometimes confusing or obfuscated. Writing is clear and succinct. It is evident what the writer is trying to express. Grammar and punctuation are used appropriately.
Quality of Review Review lacks a critical eye. May simply be a description of the app. Review may be lackluster or overly critical with little attention paid to benefits. Review is sufficiently critical while being fair and comprehensive.

You can download this page as a PDF.

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